Ricardo Ferrón.  

Musician, singer, studio and live show producer, composer and arranger. Keyboardist and musical director of Sweet Lounge Live music, Light Lobby band. Artistic talent Manager. Musical project developer.  YouTube creator of the channel Música Cuántica TV.


I was born in Mexico City, where thanks to my family, mainly my grandmother and my parents, I developed a taste for music and composition. I learned in a lyrical way although later I studied at Fermatta Music Academy, where I learned to compose in a professional way, make musical arrangements and start independent projects with my brothers Carlos and Thana, with whom I make an original band and I lived pleasant experiences.  Since then I have met people and artists with whom I collaborate in projects of various types.  My passion is composing music and songs, playing and singing live, writing, painting. Art has always been my greatest anchor and support in every way.